5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Persian Rugs Safe from Moths and Bugs

Moth and bugs love to feast on your rug’s fibers. It’s like a paradise for them to find flooring, especially antique or Persian rugs. Keeping them at bay is the only way to protect your beautiful carpeting. So, how can you do it? Here are some Persian Wool Rug Cleaning tips that can save your rug:

How to Protect Your Rug from Bugs or Moths? 

1. Regular Vacuuming 

Vacuuming disturbs the fibres and the bugs residing in them. Follow a cleaning routine that includes vacuuming your flooring twice a week—clean underlying pads and floor beneath at least once a month. Don’t forget to flip the flooring and clean the backsides. It would be best if you also kept an eye on back corners to detect potential infestations. If you have a large rug, flip it and vacuum each section.

2. Say No to Mothballs

Surprisingly mothballs are not suitable for your rugs. They may work well for sweaters, but floorings are of different materials, so mothballs won’t be able to keep bugs at bay. Instead, your rug will get the odd odour of mothballs. Who wants their luxurious rugs to smell like some anti-bug solution?

3. Hire Persian Rug Cleaning Experts for Inspection and Cleaning 

Bugs or moths love dark patches, stains and piles of dirt. The dirtier your rug is, the more moths it will attract. Also, having clean flooring doesn’t hurt anyone. Rug cleaning Hobart services inspect your flooring and take action to prevent infestations. They are like must-haves to safeguard your carpeting.

It will help if you ask the professionals to check the nearby furniture, hangings, and floor corners to detect future infestation. Additionally, these professionals can help you with more tips to keep your flooring always clean.

4. Use Moth Repellant

Moth repellants taste rotten for moths and are uninviting for their larvae. It’s one of the best remedies to keep these monsters at bay. We recommend applying this high-grade repellant after professional Persian rug cleaning.

5. Attend Spills Immediately

The best time to clean a spill is the moment you see one. Leaving these spills unattended may cause permanent stains and dark patches. Guess what? Moths and bugs adore such rugs. While cleaning a spill, always remember to blot it with a clean towel instead of scrubbing it vigorously. You can remove solid particles using a spoon or an old knife.

If you cannot clean spills, call Persian rug cleaning experts, especially in the case of urine, wine or similar stains. These specialists will use safe cleaning techniques and products to make your flooring spotless. 

All the best for your mission! You may feel your house is mouth-free and find a damaged rug after months. They are natural enemies of your valuable asset, but remember that you can eliminate them with these tricks; it’s not that tough. Memorize these few points, and you will efficiently protect your investment from destructive bugs.

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