7 Simple Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Rug

Has your rug lost its original shine? It happens to many floorings. Over time, they acquire permanent stains, and dust adds a layer of filthiness. However, you can make your rug look like a new one with a few hacks. It would be best to keep in mind certain things to keep your rugs in top condition. Hiring a rug cleaning specialist once a year is one of them. Apart from that, here is what you can do: 

1. Shake Small Area Rugs

If you have small area floorings or rug runners, shake them outside once a week. The shaking will remove deeply trapped dust and dirt particles. You can also beat the rug vigorously to remove grit. Before doing it, check the care label and talk to the rug washing Sunshine Coast specialists for assurance.

2. Vacuum the Large Floorings 

Vacuuming twice a week removes dirt and solid particles and prevents their build-up inside the fibres. That’s a fairly obvious tip. Only a few rug owners know that these filthy particles are the causes of any damage. They stuck into the fibre, and with regular friction, they may tear the threads of delicate floorings. These dirt molecules attract germs and bugs too. So, it’s better to get rid of them with a vacuuming routine. Try using the suction only function of your vacuum rather than choosing a rotary brush or upright vacuum cleaner. As the rug fibres are delicate, you can also use the nozzle attachment.

3. Turn the Rug Every Year

If you have a two-sided rug, make the most of it. Turn it around every other year for even wearing. That way, you will keep the other side underneath, and it will be clean all year without getting any direct sunlight, dust or stains. Then, you can flip it and keep the other side safe for a year. You can use the flooring twice its actual shelf life with this hack.

4. Rotate the Flooring Quarterly

By rotating the rug, you avoid uneven wear. Some flooring parts get more traffic, sunlight and outside dust than others. Rotating every four months will manage that wear and colour fading in all sections.

5. Brush the Pet Hair

You might be well aware of their hair loss if you have pets. You may find their fur everywhere, from upholsteries to rugs. However, brushing can save the flooring’s fibres from the pet’s hair. Take a soft scrub and brush the hair off.

6. Have a No-Shoes Policy 

It may not be possible to apply the no-shoes policy in offices, but you can do it in your home. It’s not only suitable for your flooring but overall home. It prevents dust from entering the house.

7. Use Door Mats 

If shoes are mandatory for you, use doormats to minimise dirt accumulation. These mats are inexpensive, and you can replace them in six months. 

So, follow these hacks and schedule a yearly rug cleaning service to enhance the appearance of your flooring! 

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