Amapiano mix released by first Arabic DJ get supported & loved by South African

JArabian Vybz is from Dubai and he has come up with an Amapiano mix, a genre of music that originated in southern Africa it has international recognition is highly adored and supported by South African and music lovers across the globe. 

JArabian Vybz has just released his first-ever Amapiano mix. It has all the ingredients of an authentic Amapiano mix (international recognition). JArabian Vybz has been making hits for a while now, he is one of the most famous artists in Dubai (The United Arab Emirates).

The new Amapiaono mix is getting huge support:

Arabian Vybz is a DJ and he has been the most popular and supported DJ in South Africa. He has made some amazing mixes and he is loved by all the people around the world. He has played a very important role in making South Africa famous among other countries in Africa. The Dj lovers should adore and support this mix by Arabian Vybz as it is going to be very famous in Africa as well as this mix by Arabian Vybz is getting highly supported and loved by all the people around the world.

JArabian Vybz is the first Arabic DJ to really make Dj mixes, not just using songs mixed & mixed with other tracks in a playlist. The man’s got skills and he knows how to mix songs together in such a way that it sounds like you are listening to an entire album of certain artists or groups. And the Africans are loving it, suggesting new music that they have themselves heard on his website and Facebook page.

JArabian Vybz’s instinct quality in music is always greatly applauded:  

He started off with house music but has since expanded his horizons to include many genres including dubstep, drum bass, trance, and hip hop. His mixes are not just about the music; they are also about the people he plays them with and the stories behind both.

His style of mixing Arabic songs with English lyrics is unique and different from other mixers because he adds some Arabic touches which makes it sound more authentic than others who just mix all songs together without any extra effort.

JArabian Vybz is a very talented Dj and musician. He has made a great impact in the world of music through his extraordinary talent, which all the listeners have applauded him for. The Dj has a very good command of both languages (Arabic & English). He loves playing his instrument very much and he also loves to sing when he plays his instrument. He has been able to make an impact on people’s minds with his amazing talent because they are able to relate to his music through their emotions, which makes them feel happy while listening to his songs.

The Dj can be found on Soundcloud where you can find all of his mixes along with background information about him as well as comment on some of his tracks after listening to them yourself!

As one of the pioneer Arabic Dj, JArabian Vybz has been doing his mixes on YouTube for some time now, especially the Arabic Dj Top Hits Mix. His Arabic mixes are playing a role to hit every core, African music lover, giving them the perfect opportunity to listen to and interact with their favorite Arabic DJ, JArabian Vybz.

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