Aries Birthstone: Price Influencing Factors and Uses

Birthstones have an association with twelve months of a year and zodiac signs. Aries Birthstone is one of them. Its duration spans two months that March and April. Bloodstone and aquamarine are two March birthstones whereas diamond is April birthstone. In this article, we will only focus on one Aries Birthstone – a diamond.

Meaning of Aries Birthstone-Diamond

Diamond is a solid substance and all of its atoms are arranged in a crystal structure. It is a mineral stone formed with 99.95% carbon and the remaining 0.05% of the stone has mineral impurities. The uses of Aries Birthstone-diamond are not limited to jewelry but in the current era, its use in every field has started.

Price Influencing Factors of Aries Birthstone

Aries Birthstone-diamond is one of the precious birthstones. Its price depends on fours factors Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity.

Carat for Diamond 

Diamond is a physical quantity and it possesses weight that is measured in Carat. One carat is divided into 100 equal points and the price of the gemstone varies with the increase of one point.

Remember, and clear your concepts about the weight and size of the Aries Birthstone-diamond. These two are different quantities. An ideal diamond has 6.5 mm in size and one Carat weight.

Color of Diamond

The color of the gemstone is another factor that influences the price of the Aries Birthstone-diamond. Usually, people select diamonds because of their colors. The white or colorless diamond is the most popular stone whereas the black diamond is a very rare stone in the world.

The white or colorless diamonds remain in the range of D to F. Such diamonds are precious and the choice of everyone. Diamonds with grades lower than F are also attractive but they exist with stronger color tones.

Clarity of Diamond

Diamonds are of two types, mineral and synthetic. Synthetic diamonds are free from impurities and produce a high-level sheen whereas mineral diamonds have impurities. Mineral diamonds are formed under high temperature and pressure conditions in very deep layers of earth.

The amounts of small impurities that stay inside the Aries Birthstone are inclusion whereas the impurities that stay on the surface of the stone are blemishes.

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