Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites Recipe: A Sweet and Savory Delight!

Learn how to make Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites with this easy copycat recipe. These bite-sized treats are coated in cinnamon sugar and are perfect for snacking.

1. The History Of Auntie Anne’S Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

The history of Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites is a fascinating journey. Starting in Austin, Texas, Auntie Anne’s quickly became a popular pretzel brand with its unique twist on the classic snack. With their delicious combination of cinnamon and pretzel dough, Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites captured the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world.

From small beginnings to global success, Auntie Anne’s story is a testament to the power of innovation and quality. So the next time you bite into one of these delectable treats, take a moment to appreciate the history behind Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites and the brand that made them a household name.

Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Pretzel Bites Recipe: A Sweet and Savory Delight!


2. Ingredients And Equipment Needed

For the Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites recipe, you will need several ingredients and equipment. Starting with the pretzel dough, you will need bread flour, powdered sugar, instant yeast, cream cheese, brown sugar, and cinnamon. As for the cinnamon sugar coating, you will need a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon.

In terms of equipment, you will need a bread machine for making the pretzel dough, as well as a baking sheet and parchment paper for baking the pretzel bites. Other than that, basic kitchen tools like mixing bowls, measuring cups, and spoons will be necessary for the preparation.

Now that you have a list of ingredients and equipment required, you are all set to start making Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites!

3. Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Auntie Anne’S Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Preparing the pretzel dough is the first step in making Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel bites. This involves mixing ingredients like bread flour, yeast, brown sugar, and cream cheese. Once the dough is ready, it needs to be shaped into bite-sized pieces, which is the second step.

Roll the dough into ropes and cut them into small pieces. The final step is baking and coating the pretzel bites with cinnamon sugar. Before baking, dunk the pretzel bites into a solution of hot water and baking soda. This gives them their signature Auntie Anne’s crust.

Once baked, coat the pretzel bites in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. And just like that, you have delicious homemade Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel bites!

4. Tips And Tricks For Perfectly Delicious Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Properly measuring ingredients is crucial in achieving the perfect taste and texture for your cinnamon pretzel bites. Avoid overusing ingredients that can overpower the flavor. When shaping the pretzel bites, use techniques like rolling the dough into ropes and cutting them into bite-sized pieces.

Get creative by experimenting with alternative variations or additions to the recipe. You can try adding cream cheese or powdered sugar for a unique twist. Remember, the key to delicious pretzel bites lies in precise measurements and innovative modifications. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and enjoy the mouthwatering results.

5. Serving And Storing Auntie Anne’S Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Suggestions for serving the pretzel bites include pairing them with a cream cheese dipping sauce or a sweet glaze. These bite-sized snacks are perfect for parties or as a tasty treat. To maintain the freshness of the pretzel bites, it is important to store them properly.

Place them in an airtight container or bag and keep them at room temperature for up to 2 days. If you have leftovers, you can easily reheat them by placing them in the oven at 350°F for 5-7 minutes or until warm.

The reheated pretzel bites will be just as delicious as when they were freshly baked. Enjoy!

6. Frequently Asked Questions About Auntie Anne’S Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Frequently Asked Questions about Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites: Are there any gluten-free options? Unfortunately, the recipe for Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites does not have a gluten-free alternative. Can I substitute any ingredients in the recipe? Yes, you can certainly experiment with different ingredients to suit your taste.

However, keep in mind that it may alter the final outcome. How long do the pretzel bites stay fresh? The pretzel bites are best enjoyed fresh and can stay fresh for up to 2-3 days when stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions For Auntie Anne’S Cinnamon Pretzel Bites Recipe

What Is The Secret Solution For Auntie Anne’S Pretzels?

The secret solution for Auntie Anne’s pretzels is a baking soda solution that they dunk the pretzels in before baking.

Does Auntie Anne’S Put Butter On Their Pretzels?

Yes, Auntie Anne’s puts butter on their pretzels.

Does Auntie Anne’S Fry Or Bake Their Pretzels?

Auntie Anne’s bakes their pretzels, brushing them with real butter and serving them hot.

Does Auntie Anne’S Use Lye Or Baking Soda?

Auntie Anne’s uses a baking soda solution to give their pretzels their signature crust.


These Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Pretzel Bites are a delicious treat that you can easily make at home. With their soft and fluffy texture, these pretzel bites are coated in a sweet cinnamon sugar mixture that will satisfy your cravings. The secret to achieving that signature Auntie Anne’s crust is the baking soda solution in which the pretzels are dunked before baking.

This step gives them that perfect golden-brown exterior that you know and love. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply looking for a sweet snack, these pretzel bites are sure to be a hit. Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, this recipe is a must-try.

Delight in the taste of these homemade treats that rival those found in the mall. So, roll up your sleeves and start baking today!


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