China Sentences US Citizen To Death

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An American man was sentenced to death in China for allegedly fatally stabbing a woman, 21 years old, who attempted to end their relationship.

Shadeed Abdulmateen was accused of the intentional murder of a Chen-named woman.

The American was a professor at Ningbo University of Technology.

AP reported Abdulmateen and Chen began dating in 2019 but the details remain a mystery to protect the victim. Abdulmateen met Chen at a bus stop to try to end their relationship.

He killed her on the night of June 14th 2021 with a knife he brought along, in an attempt to kill her.

CCTV reports that the court found Abdulmateen’s “premeditated murder, stabbing, and cutting Chen’s neck many times” to be the cause of Chen’s death during the trial. His films were “vile and resolute insinuation, and cruel means.”

The court stated that the circumstances of the crime were “particularly bad” and that the consequences were “very serious”, and that they should be punished accordingly.

The US State Department is closely monitoring the situation, but has no plans to release any further information Yahoo. reports.

According to the state broadcaster

China is believed to be the leader in executions worldwide, although the precise figures are classified as a state secret.

Agnes Callamard (secretary-general Amnesty International) stated in a 2020 statement:

“As the world concentrated on ways to protect people from COVID-19,” several governments displayed a disturbing determination not to use the death penalty or execute people regardless of circumstances.

“The death penalty is a horrible punishment, and executions during a pandemic are a further reminder of its cruelty.”

CNN reports that citizens from Japan, South Korea, Uganda and Kenya were all sentenced to death for drug-related offenses in the last decade.

In 2016, the Nigerian Senate received information that 120 Chinese citizens were on China’s death Row, CNN reported.

According to the same source, 99 percent of convictions are made while appeals are uncommon.

Execution methods include firing squads and lethal injections.

The prisoner is tied to a stretcher, and then executed using an injection within the vehicle. This makes mobile death vans very popular because of their convenience. The inmates do not need to be transported to a prison that has execution facilities.

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