Effective tips to be followed for class 12 Chemistry Preparations

Everything in our environment, whether living or non-living, has a few chemical and physical properties. Furthermore, our bodies change. Cooking, eating, breathing, and other activities are covered in one of our study courses. So, we can see how important this course is in our lives. Here’s a quote that explains it:

“I believe that the chemistry course is a perfect example of mystery, which is revealed by curious minds every day.” The wonder of chemistry is that its reactions (whether amazing or destructive) are determined by our reactions.” – Unknown

Everything in our environment is made up of molecules. They comprise the bed we sit on, as well as the laptop or smartphone we use. Even if we are chewing gum and reading on our device, all of this is part of chemistry. Tapputi-Belatekallim, a female perfume manufacturer, is the first chemist since 1200 BC. By understanding chemical reactions, she was able to create perfume.

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Chemistry has been performing tasks since the beginning of time (withering of Gondwana, shifting of tectonic plates, formation of planets, birth of animals, and humans).

1. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the syllabus before sitting for the 12th Chemistry Board Exam

It is critical to understand what to study when learning any subject, especially chemistry. We can better plan our study schedule once we are aware of the syllabus. Furthermore, distinguish between major and minor topics. It will assist us in properly preparing and will not waste our time. Knowing the syllabus is therefore essential before beginning preparation.

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2) Create a schedule

Do not save everything for studying the day before the exam. When we prepare in a hurry, we tend to memorise concepts rather than understand them logically. Every day, I study. Depending on your needs, devote some time to chemistry.

Every day, you should study. Depending on our level, devote some time to chemistry. Plan your time for studying organic chemistry and preparing for other chemistry topics.

3) Understand the Subjects

Never memorise chemistry topics. Understand practically before learning. The organic part of chemistry should never be crammed. The first reason is that these will perplex the student, and the second reason is that students will write incorrect reactions and have their marks deducted.

Students can learn about chemical reactions by carefully performing them in a lab. When writing the chemical reaction, make sure to consider the element’s state (solid, liquid, or gas). Understand the numerical concepts through the use of formulas. Furthermore, students can apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations to improve their learning.

4) Sample Papers for Practice

Students in class 12 should practise the chemistry sample papers before taking the exams. Sample papers for various boards can be found online. For example, if the aspirant is from the ICSE board, he must check the official website of his board for chemistry sample papers.

Sample papers aid in pattern recognition and marking schemes. It means that students will learn what types of questions will be asked in the chemistry board exam, as well as the weightage of each question. Additionally, depending on the grading structure, students may learn how many words to include in a response.

Chemistry sample papers are important because they show students how the organic and inorganic parts of chemistry are divided in the exam. As a result, one can plan ahead of time. Students can examine their preparation by solving previous year’s papers, which aids in self-assessment. When students are able to solve these papers, their confidence and anxiety levels rise.

Sample papers for class 12th chemistry are prepared by the designated board. The sample paper for the ICSE board, for example, is designed by the ICSE board.

5) Work on Previous Year Papers

When studying for the 12th grade chemistry exam, one should review previously asked questions. It will aid in determining which chemistry topics are important in order to achieve high grades.

6) Consider additional assistance

If students believe they are falling behind in chemistry and are unable to grasp concepts at school, they can enrol in extra chemistry classes to clear their doubts. Tuitions allow students to receive personalised attention. Coaching classes also aid in the revision of inorganic and organic chemistry. Chemistry is a subject that needs to be revised.

These tutoring centres give out tests. The tests adhere to the school’s curriculum. Students should think about one thing before enrolling in the institute. In other words, they must notify the institutes about their chemistry topics.

7) Study from Coursebooks

Reading and studying multiple-author books should not be a burden. Students in the 12th grade must study according to their class syllabus. Unnecessary topics can perplex students and leave them mentally exhausted. Furthermore, if chemistry is a minor subject, studying extra is ambiguous.

If a student considers chemistry to be a major subject and excels at it, he can study from a variety of books to expand his knowledge. To avoid confusion, he should avoid studying outside of the coursebook at least one month before.

Though the right to senior secondary education was granted in 1945, it was first introduced in India in the mid-1800s.

8) Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Students should be committed to their studies in chemistry from the start. Students should not be distracted by social media or favourite programmes. Otherwise, they will waste time. Furthermore, this type of learning is transient, and students frequently forget the concepts. It may cause exam stress and anxiety.

Sit in a proper location with proper lighting. Remove all distracting devices. Only use smartphones to look up chemistry topics. Do not sit in a position that makes you feel sluggish.

One more thing needs to be addressed. Students should avoid eating while studying because it is a distraction. If a student does not feel comfortable in a group setting, he can focus and concentrate alone. Do not let gossip distract you from group study.

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