Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601 – Know The Benefits

Australia is a wonderful country to visit. Not only will you witness varied landscapes across the land but also you will get the chance to interact with friendly locals who are well-known for their warm hospitality towards international tourists. You will also be glad to know that there are several options to enter Australia as an international traveller.

The introduction of the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA Subclass 601 Visa has made travelling to the Land Down Under much easier than before. If you inquire with any leading immigration firm, you will find that a great number of people seek professional help with this visa application. The main reason behind it is the benefits offered by this visa, which we discuss here.

There are several travel options

The primary benefit that you will get while holding this visa is that there are three travel options. You can visit Australia to spend a holiday with your friends or family members staying in this country. You can visit Australia while passing on a cruise. Travelling as a business visitor is also possible on Visa Subclass 601.

Visiting Australia to spend a holiday

If you want to visit this country to spend a holiday, you must apply for the Tourist Stream. Besides exploring the hidden gems of this beautiful country, you will also get the chance to study or train for a maximum of 3 months while holding this visa.

However, if your main purpose to enter Australia is to study, applying for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 will be appropriate. Also, you must apply for and obtain a Visitor Visa Subclass 600 and meet the health requirements if you want to:

    • Take training at a childcare centre

    • Enter hospital or healthcare work setting

    • Study to become a nurse, paramedic, doctor, or dentist

Visiting Australia during a cruise

If you want to enter Australia while going on a cruise, the 601 Visa will be necessary.

In the case of a round trip cruise, the time spent on the cruise will contribute to the total time you spend in Australia. It means even if you are not in Australia, the Immigration Department will not consider you to have left the country as a round trip cruise does not reset the stay period mentioned on the visa.

To know if the Department of Home Affairs considers the cruise a round trip one, you must ask your immigration consultant in Perth or cruise operator.

Visiting Australia to fulfil business commitments

Holding the 601 ETA Visa will also make you eligible to enter Australia as a business visitor. In that case, you can do the following things.

    • You can make general employment or business enquiries.

    • You can carry out various activities as part of an official visit to Australia.

    • You can investigate, negotiate, sign, or review a business contract.

    • Participation in a trade fair, conference, or seminar is also allowed. However, note that the organisers must not pay you for that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a holder of the ETA Visa is not permitted to provide services to any company based in Australia or sell services or products directly to the Australian public. If you try to work while holding the ETA, the authority will cancel your visa and may refuse your visa application in the future.

You Can Stay For A Decent Period In Australia

The Visitor Visa 601 is a temporary visa that allows holders to stay for a maximum of 12 months or until their passport remains valid. However, if your passport is valid for less than 12 months at the time of your application, that period will be considered by the authority. The visa start date is the date you are granted the visa unless you hold another eligible visa that is still valid.

    • The main benefit is that this visa offers multiple entries. You can leave and return to Australia as many times as possible when the visa stays valid. In each entry, staying for up to 3 months is allowed.

    • However, if you stay in Australia for more or frequently visit here, the Immigration
Department may inquire about your purpose of travel next time you visit Australia. If they do not find a satisfactory answer, you will not be considered a genuine visitor, and your ETA Visa will be cancelled.

You must also remember that for staying for more than 3 months on one entry, you must apply for a specific visa that will suit your basic requirements.

The visa does not involve any application fee

The most significant benefit of this visa is that you will not have to pay a specific application fee like other Australian visas. The only payment you will have to make is an application service charge of AUD20. 

You will receive your visa immediately

Another key benefit of the Visa 601 is that you will not have to wait for long to receive your visa. However, that will be possible only if you submit the necessary information correctly. So, you must be careful about that. 

The visa application does not involve any paperwork

The visa application also does not involve any documents or stamping the passport. The Department of Home Affairs will digitally link your ETA Visa to your passport, and thus there will be no label in the passport. So, while travelling to Australia, you must not forget to take your passport with you. Make sure your passport is valid because if it expires, your ETA visa will cease, and you will have to apply for a new one. 

The same condition will apply if the passport gets stolen or lost. So, as the holder, it will be your responsibility to take good care of the passport.

Some important points to remember regarding the ETA Visa Australia

Besides all these benefits, there are also some essential points to keep in mind regarding your ETA Visa Australia.

You cannot include your family members

Including family members in the visa application is a common benefit offered by Australian student visas and skilled work visas. However, it is not applicable for the ETA Visa. If your family members want to accompany you to Australia, they must make separate applications.

You must be at the same place at the time of application and visa decision

If you apply for this visa outside Australia, make sure you are outside Australia when the visa decision is made.

Similarly, in the case of applying for the visa from immigration clearance, you must be in immigration clearance when the Department of Home Affairs makes the decision.

Your obligations

While staying in Australia on this visa, it is important to comply with all the visa conditions.

You should have adequate health insurance

While living in Australia, it will be your responsibility to bear all the healthcare expenses, and that is why we recommend having adequate health insurance coverage.

Who can help you?

Even though the application procedure is relatively easier for the ETA Visa, you can take professional help from a Registered Migration Agent Perth. They can guide you with all the necessary details of the application. However, before hiring, make sure they are properly registered.

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