Hootan Hashemi: The Iranian rising superstar of the music industry.

This young budding music artist has been making waves within the music realms as a complete singer and music artist.

Music industry has been one huge platform for many years now which have welcomed raw young talent year after year and nurtured them efficiently to unleash their potential and showcase their real worth in the industry. There is certainly no shortage of talent when it comes to the entertainment industry and especially the music niche. Music composers, singers, songwriters, producers and many more find right opportunity here to work for their livelihood and climb ladders of success with their hard work and determination. We met one such young emerging talent from the music industry carving a special place and niche for himself, Hootan Hashemi.

The artist has made his way in the music industry by constantly raising the bar for performance and delivering huge hits back-to-back for the listeners. Today, he has found a permanent place in the hearts of audiences and has generated a huge loyal fan base of following. But all the fame and success that Hootan enjoys todays was not earned overnight, he had to hustle hard in life to reach that level. Being drawn towards music as a kid, the Iranian singer knew he had to pursue his passion and turn into a successful career and profession. Understanding and realizing his core talent and skills of music, he knew that he had to create something different and unique from the rest to not only survive in the industry but to excel at the highest level. Working diligently towards honing his skills and learning in depth about music composition and singing, Hootan has left no stone unturned in proving his prowess as a complete music artist.

His recent songs like – Voce o Amor e Eu, Te Pego Tome, Por Te Amar Demais, Pedacinhos, O Tempo nao, E Agora, Dancando Forro, and Cheshm Badoomi are creating waves in the music industry and audiences has love the tuneful voice that have win their hearts. The promising artist is yet to come with massive other songs, which definitely enthrall the music lovers. Stay tune!

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