How many types of display boxes are?

While presenting a product, all you need is display packaging. It can assure ultimate presentation perfection as you have many options ranging from customization to printing. With it, a regular-priced product can easily outperform a clearance-priced item, considering it gets designed exquisitely well. Its unique design configurations and types are meant to assist your everyday items in cutting through the competition clutter. All their attractive types could be utilized to ensure that the presented things are attention-grabbing and establish an ultimate authority over the competitors. Although they can have a wide range of styles depending on the customization, we will talk about only a few famous ones. 

Special Three-Tier Display:

Three-tier display packages are an incredible choice, mainly when you have limited space in your store. Several retail brands suffer from the dilemma of lesser shelf space, especially during the peak seasons. This limits their growth potential, and thereby they can’t get a more significant chunk in the market’s share. These boxes have tiers vertically lined above one another, and each of them could be used to display a completely different product line. Each level could be personalized by printing it with specific product details and color schemes of your choice. The size of the groups can vary depending upon the number of items you will present in front of your potential clients. 

The specialty of this display box design lies in the movable header that can serve effectively to catch the undivided attention of visitors. Any of your store’s slow-selling product lines can be presented in this remarkable box design. It can skyrocket the sales of those items and make them a go-to and instant choice of buyers. 

Classic Countertop Display:

Counter display boxes are the most classic and a top choice of retailers wanting their products to get noticed instantly. As manifested in the name, these packages are specifically designed to get placed on the counters next to cashiers. This place never gets ignored because everyone entering and exiting a retail store has to pass through this area. They are a great source of attention for ready-to-purchase potential clients.

They are not centric towards a specific product as you can employ them for packaging any kind of retail item. But, most of the time, they get used to displaying candies, chocolate bars, and other such products. As they are promptly seen, they can serve as an effective marketing tool too. Any special offer that your brand offers or a specific discount can be announced through these packages. 

Model Power Wing:

They are an exceptional type of display package known as sidekick displays. They can get integrated with the leading retail shelf at a sufficient height to easily see. Their use is not limited just to a product or two; any retail item can be packaged and presented through them. The detachable base makes them quite unique and can be placed anywhere you desire. They can be hung on a wall at eye level to make your products more prominent and noticeable.

The strength of these packages is remarkable as they don’t get broken on an accidental fall and protect the items better. To attach an element of attraction, they can be paired with exquisite graphics and catchy pictorial illustrations. The lamination and coating options for them are abundant that allow you to make your products visually distinctive from others. 

Exceptional Endcaps Design:

Power wings are attached to the main shelves, while the endcap display packages are connected to the aisles. These boxes are principally positioned after the main retail shelves, making them unique. There is entirely no limit to the number of products that can be presented through them. They have a sturdier and durable structure that can bear the weight of heavier products without any damage. 

If displaying more items, you can enhance their load-bearing capacity by increasing their thickness. Cardboard is usually used for making them, but for heavier items, you can use a thicker stock like that of E-flute corrugated. For an absorbing effect, make sure that they are given a sensory appeal through the spot-on application of special laminates like soft-touch lamination. Embossing or debossing could also do the job here while producing a 3D effect under lights that make your items shine more. 

Floor Display Box:

A floor display box is a distinct type larger than the counter display boxes and is explicitly placed on the floors. They are good to use at larger retail stores or supermarkets that display different product lines. Due to their larger and sturdy structure, they can withhold the weight and mass of heavier products without any deformity in the design. They are designed from numerous layers of corrugated cardboard and have a printable texture. There is more space to detail your product and brand convincingly. They have a freestanding design, and their size or style can be varied brilliantly depending on the nature of displayed products. 

The selection of the right display packaging type can be puzzling. But having detailed information and knowledge about every kind can make the process somewhat more accessible and more straightforward. All of its types proffer an apt way of alluring potential clients and drawing them towards your new arrivals and hot-selling products. 

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