How to Clean a Rug Without a Machine?  

Do you think it is impossible to clean a rug without machines? Everything is possible if you have proper knowledge about the techniques. Rug cleaning is easy when you understand your flooring’s structure, fibre type, history, colourfastness and other crucial factors. In this post, we will discuss how you can keep your flooring clean without using even a single machine. Read on to know more.  

Remove Dust and Dirt Without a Vacuum Cleaner 

You can clean a rug using a dustpan and stiff-bristled broom if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. It’s an easy method if you have a low-pile flooring. For high-piled, thicker floorings, or shag rugs, you’ll need a keen eye because dirt gets more easily buried in the fibres. Wrap a rubber band around the bristles of a flimsy broom to make them more securely bonded.

You can also shake your rugs outside occasionally to remove loose dirt particles. If you have oversized flooring, ask your friend or partner to help you with this task. If you think these remedies are ineffective, ask rug washing services to remove deeply attached soil particles. The experts use advanced machines and methods to do the job.  

Disinfect Your Rug at Home  

With the aid of a simple DIY solution and a scrub brush, you may refresh and disinfect the fibres of your rug without renting a steam cleaner. Here is what you can do:  

  • Combine one-part white vinegar and three parts water in a dish or small bucket.  
  • Scrub the fibres with the bristles of the scrub brush dipped in the solution.  
  • Massage them into the fibres thoroughly (without entirely soaking them).  
  • Wipe excess moisture with a cloth. 
  • Ensure a complete dryness of the rug before using it again.  

If you want to remove all germs and pollutants, we highly recommend hiring rug washing services. The professionals use green solutions and clean the flooring deeply without any hassle. All you have to do is call them!  

Simple Spot Cleaning Treatment  

Stains can happen anytime, so being ready for them is the only way to deal with them. You can also use a fibre protector so there will be less mess on your rug. So, whenever you spot a stain, clean it with a clean paper towel dipped in water or baking soda solution. Hire professionals for urine, wine, gum and vomit stains as they are not easy to deal with.  

Get all the necessary tools and start cleaning your rug today. If you are a cleanliness ninja, these tips will be fun to experiment with on your flooring. So, be ready to see your rug shine without any heavy or expensive machine. You can also call rug cleaning experts to do the job as they are experienced, well-trained and certified. Experts never fail in their cleaning techniques. Decide what to do with your rug and take action today! All the best for the cleaning mission!

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