How To Clean And Maintain Persian Rugs?

If you are a Persian rug owner, then it might be a significant investment and also a responsibility.  If treated well, it can be maintained in a proper condition for several years. 

Here we have given the top 5 tips about maintaining your Persian rugs-

Avoid the build-up of moisture in your Persian rug- 

Persian rugs are made from natural fabrics and are vulnerable to moisture build-up. Although it is recommended to keep your Persian rug in a well-aerated area, still it might still be exposed to the possibilities of mould and mildew build-up. So, you might consider hiring a professional Persian rug cleaning Adelaide at least twice a year to ensure that your rug remains free from mildew and mould. 

Keep rotating your Persian rugs-

Persian rugs might be affected due to routine wear and tear in case they are placed in high-traffic areas. They might also become faded and discoloured due to increased usage and exposure to sunlight. So, you might consider rotating your Persian rug after some days to eliminate the wear and tear of your rug fibres. 

Vacuum and clean the Persian rugs regularly-

Accumulation of dirt and debris might serve as a great opportunity for the nesting of insects and pests. So, we commend vacuuming your Persian rugs regularly with a suction-only device to remove any remaining dust and dirt. If cleaning the rugs by yourself sounds like a hectic task, then you can always consider hiring professionals Persian rug cleaners.

Do not keep Persian rugs in excessive sunlight-

Persian rugs are made from natural fabrics like silk, wool or cotton. Such natural fibres are more vulnerable to discolouration due to sunlight. So, the ideal solution is to place your Persian rug in a shaded area and try closing the window coverings if the sunrays fall directly on your rug. This can help you to safeguard the Persian rug from damage due to exposure to excess sunlight. 

Clean the stains immediately-

There are a variety of things which can be spilt on a Persian rug in your home. From wine to coffee or from animal urine to blood, the method of rug cleaning is different according to the substance which has been split.

Generally, any liquid can be spilt immediately by blotting with a clean white cloth or paper towel.  However, as a thumb rule, avoid scrubbing your Persian rug to reduce the risk of spreading the stain and making it worse. 

However, in case the thought of maintaining an expensive Persian rug and Persian rug cleaning is a concern for you, then the best alternative is to hire a professional firm for Persian rug cleaning and let them take care of your expensive Persian rug. Hiring professionals for Persian rug cleaning is an ideal solution as it can give you a hassle-free experience and can help you to keep your Persian rug intact for several years. Also, if you think that Persian rug cleaning is an expensive affair, then that is not true. If you hire the right professionals, then you might get the best services at reasonable prices. 

For more tips and tricks about professional Persian rug cleaning, then connect with us right away. 

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