How To Hifz Quran Quickly | Some Tips To Keep In Mind

Being a Hafiz is a prestigious title that most Muslims want to attain. But there’s a cost to pay for this privilege. Every day, There are a lot of queries about Quran memorization where pupils are asking about how to Hifz Quran quickly. 

Hifz Quran Online Is the new method to memorize the Quran while resting in your home. With several online Quran academies and professional online Quran tutors. It’s the best way to memorize the Quran in your hectic daily life.

There are many ways to increase your speed of Quran memorization. In this article, we are going to share with you the tips for Hifz Quran quickly. So, let us get begun without wasting any moment.  

Strong Will Power

To become a Hafiz, you must have strong willpower. When students begin memorizing at a slow pace, they can become discouraged. Some people become so discouraged that they abandon their dream of becoming a Hafiz.

Even if you don’t give up if you’re demoralized, memorizing the Holy Quran will take longer. It makes no difference whether you have a Quran instructor who is competent or not. As a result, you must possess a strong resolve and a firm goal to memorize the Quran.

Set Daily Objectives

It is common knowledge that becoming a Hafiz is a difficult task. However, if done correctly, the process can be made much easier, and you can improve your Quran memorization speed. Setting daily goals is one of the most effective ways to improve your Quran memory speed.

Setting daily goals will assist you in staying on track. It will take you longer to memorize the Hifz Quran if you do it haphazardly. 

However, one thing to remember is to set attainable goals. Setting difficult goals for themselves is a common mistake made by students. As a result, they are unable to meet their goals and become demotivated.

Employ An Online Quran tutor

If you don’t have an expert to assist you, memorizing the Quran will become more difficult, and it will take you longer to Hifz Quran. The Quran tutor is the one who guides you through each step of the Quran memorization process and makes it easy for you. 

They will guide you, assist you, and show you how to quickly Hifz Quran. As a result, if you want to be a Hafiz, you should never attempt it on your own. Rather, hire an online Quran teacher.

Get Up Early Morning

Getting up early in the morning can be quite beneficial to your health. But that’s not what we’re here for. There is much material available already. However, we recommend rising early in the morning because it can help you memorize the Quran faster.

Although you may feel sleepy in the morning, your brain’s capacity to absorb information is considerably greater than in the evening after a long day. That is why, after offering your Fajr prayer, you should devote at least an hour or half an hour to memorizing the Quran.

Read Loudly

When completing Hifz, you might find it easier to read the Quran in hushed tones. However, if you want to Hifz Quran quickly, read it out loud as if you were speaking to someone. Reading aloud improves your memory, which has a direct impact on your memorizing speed. 

Those who are memorizing the Quran at home frequently read it in hushed tones. As a result, memorizing the passages takes longer for them.

Look For A Quiet Place

It is exceedingly difficult to learn something in a noisy atmosphere. You get distracted and can’t learn anything, no matter how hard you try. When you have to memorize the Quran, it becomes even more difficult. 

You must seek out a room that is free of distractions. Sit in a peaceful spot and begin memorizing the Quran’s passages.

Take A Break

You can’t keep memorizing the verses indefinitely. Otherwise, you will continue to forget the verses you have remembered. As a result, if you start to feel tired, you should take a rest. After some time has passed, begin memorizing again. 

It will allow your brain to unwind, and you will be able to boost your Hifz Quran speed. When memorizing the Quran, students frequently push themselves to Hifz more and more verses in a short period. However, it proves to be ineffective, as it takes them longer to give.

Memorize Quran Online

If you wish to hifz Quran rapidly, you don’t need to travel to a mosque. Memorizing with a large group of kids would be difficult since you wouldn’t be able to create the optimal learning atmosphere. 

That is why memorizing the Quran online is a good idea. We provide online Quran memorization classes to assist you in memorizing the Quran. Learn to memorize the Quran in our one-on-one courses, where you can Hifz the Quran without being interrupted. Connect with us to listen to the Hifz Quran online whenever you want.

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