How To Identify Bedbugs And How To Get Rid Of Them

If your abode has been invaded by bed bug infestation, you need to find it at the earliest and before the infestation gets worse. Eradicating minor infestations might be less expensive and also less difficult than treating a worsened infestation. You need to hire reliable bed bugs control Adelaide for efficient elimination. 

However, early bed-bug infestations are difficult to find and determine. You might identify an infestation through a skin bite like a mosquito. Some more eminent indicators of having a bedbug infestation are- 

  • Reddish blemishes or stains on mattresses or bed sheets might be caused due to crushed bed bugs. 
  • Dark spots on your bed or sofa might be a sign of bed bug excrement.
  • Eggs and eggshells that are about 1mm big
  • Live bed bugs.

If you spot these signs, connect with pest control services.

Common places of bedbug hiding-

Here are some of the most common places where bedbugs hide-

  • Between seams of couches, chairs between cushions, curtains.
  • Drawers or drawer joints
  • In electrical appliances.
  • Inside loose wall papers and hangings. 
  • Head of screws

Bed bug’s habits and behaviour-

Knowing the exact habits and behaviour of these insects might help you in finding an infestation before it settles deep in your property. Here is something which you need to know about bed bugs and bed bugs control Adelaide-


These insects prefer to feed on human blood and also on the blood of other mammals and birds. They can travel 5-20 feet from determined hiding places for food. Even though they are mainly active during nighttimes, still if hungry they might look for food in daylight. They might feed in about 3-12 minutes and leave some blood stains on your bed sheets. If you see some tarry or rusty spots on our bed sheets, then this can be due to or remains of earlier blood meals of humans or your pets-

Life stages of bed bugs-

Bed bugs consume a minimum of one blood meal before progressing through other life stages. Here are some stages which occur in the life of a bed bug. 

  • They can feed more than one time.
  • Every stage needs some moulting of the skin.
  • For continuous mating and production of eggs, males and females need to feed once for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Every female might lay 1 to 3 eggs each day and 200-500 eggs in her lifetime. 
  • Egg-to-egg life cycle might consume four to five weeks under positive conditions.

Favourable conditions of living for bedbugs-

  • Bed bugs can stay alive and active at temperatures like 7°C (46°F), but they might die if the temperatures reach 45°C (113°F).
  • For killing bed bugs through heat, the room needs to be hotter and you need to make sure that the heat reaches the location where bed bugs are hiding. This room needs to be hotter to make sure that the heat reaches bedbugs no matter where they hide.
  • Common bed bugs can be found at any place where their host lives.

Remember that should start dealing with the bed bug problem before it grows worse. So, contact professional pest control services provider for your needs. 

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