How to keep possums away from your home?

Though possums are potentially harmless for humans, still they might cause substantial damage if they enter your homes. Here are some easy and useful tips for possum removal Adelaide which can help you to keep these animals away from your home.  

Before eradicating possums, it is important to trace their entry points. Followingly, you can take the steps given below for eliminating the possums from your premises. 

Tips for eradicating possums

  • Start putting fences around your home to deter these animals from entering your premises. 
  • Spread shrubs on the fences
  • Keep your trash cans covered so that possums cannot mess up with them.
  • Block all the probable entry points like decks, porches and under stairs 

Here are some tips for keeping possums away from your home-

Eradicate food sources from the premises of your home-

To ensure that the possums do not step on your property premises, you need to eliminate all the food resources which might entice these animals. These factors include pet food, fruits, and accumulate water. Also, you need to eliminate the hollow objects which can be used by possums for their nesting and breeding. If you have any fruit-bearing trees in your garden, then consider covering them with trash bags while harvesting them.

Seal the entry points from where possums can enter your property-

Even the smallest open spaces might provide access to possums. Once the possum has entered your home, it is pretty difficult to get rid of them.  So, you might consider cutting the branches, sealing potential entrances, and fixing the wrecked vents or cracks in the structure. Sometimes, possums might also enter your homes through pet doors. So, you need to seal them and check the potential entry points of possums.  For this, you need to hire a professional pest inspection Adelaide to ensure that these animals are away from your home.

Use chemical repellent-.

You might consider using chemical repellents that are easily available in the market. These chemical repellents might be helpful to keep the pesky pests away from your gardens.  

Utilise repellents that can scare the predators-

For scaring the possums, you might consider using motion-activated sprinklers which can scare and startle the possums. These repellents do not cause any harm to the environment and can give you good results. Also, you might consider installing garden lights to startle the possums and to make you home unattractive for them. 

Use electric fencing-

Possums are known to be amazing climbers. However, if using a fence with minimal electric current can help you to keep them away from your property.  

Utilise traps and baits to stop possums from entering your property- 

You might consider using a live trap for luring possums and shifting them away from your property. For baits, you might use fruits, pet food, grains, insects and pet food. You might also use food items like overripe fruits, grains, jams or insects.  

Also, you can use professional possum removal Adelaide for removing these annoying creatures from your property. You can also hire pest inspection Adelaide to determine pest infestation at early stage and eliminate it at the earliest.  

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