How To Repair And Restore An Oriental Rug?

The intricate motifs and striking patterns is the beauty of oriental rugs. Every Oriental rug is created with the finest quality of natural fibres such as wool or silk. It is hand-woven and looks special due to the striking colour combination and glossy texture. These rugs not only provide warmth to the room but also add grandeur and elegance to the room. However, your oriental rug might become fade, be discoloured and be stained over time. Also, it might be vulnerable to dirt, dust and grime. Also, in case you have pets, then the Oriental rug might also be exposed to their dander and hair. This is why it is necessary to clean your oriental rug regularly and make them spotlessly clean.   

We understand that cleaning your oriental rugs might be a lot challenging as their fibres are thin and delicate. So, you might ne ed to take extra care while cleaning these rugs. 

If you hire professionals for Oriental rug cleaning Perth, then their team will be experienced and qualified to offer you with flawless Oriental rug cleaning. Also, they can offer you with Oriental rug repair and take utmost care while handling your oriental rugs. The team of qualified and skilled experts know the exact method which needs to be used for the restoration and repair of your oriental rug. Also, they use chemical-free and sustainable solutions which might be safe for your oriental rug. So, it is recommended to hire professionals for Oriental rug cleaning Perth.

If you hire well-trained experts for Oriental rug repair, then you can get customised services. The entire process of rug restoration and repair includes the following steps-  

  • Shaking and dusting of the rugs
  • Soaking oriental rug in lukewarm water
  • Cleaning your oriental rug with shampoo
  • Usage of pressure washing for eradicating stains from the fibres
  • Brushing carpet fibres
  • Softening the oriental rugs with a fabric softener

Why should one trust professionals for Oriental rug cleaning and repair?

An Oriental rug cleaning in Perth is a tedious job. It is also time-consuming. Plus, as these rugs are valuable and delicate, they need to be handled by specialised

A trusted and expert firm which specialised in Oriental rug repair can use various innovative methods for repairing the patched, stains and holes in your oriental rugs and offer you great results. 

So, if you want your oriental rug to be repaired and cleaned thoroughly, then you must consider hiring professionals for this job and get your rugs restored through experienced experts.  Also, we recommend cleaning, repairing and restoring your rugs at least twice every year in order to maintain them in a good condition. 

So, get in touch with us and understand more about Oriental rug repair. Our experts will help you to get in touch with reliable experts and also provide you with smart tips and tricks for Oriental rug repair. 

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