How to Repair Damaged Rug Edges?

Seeing your rug’s damaged edges or other parts is a nightmare for rug owners. However, you don’t have to throw that precious gem out of your home. These damages are repairable with the help of top-notch rug repair experts. So, take a deep breath and know that your rug will be fine. Contact professionals and they will look into the issue. Simple, isn’t it? 

The best rug repair for side binding involves only professionals’ hands without any machines. After evaluating your flooring, the expert in charge of Oriental rug repair Canberra must know the appropriate procedure. Because every rug is unique, there will be some differences depending on your rug’s requirements. Only a trained rug repairer can restore your flooring’s original appearance and value.

Let’s dig deeper and know rug edges repair techniques, prevention tips and other details:

How to Repair Damaged Edges of a Rug? 

  • Before doing any rug edge repairs, thoroughly clean the rug. Deep washing loosens and frayed fibres, making them simpler to find and fix.
  • Examine all of the rug’s edges to see which ones require repair. Snip lengthy strands using your scissors. Cut them as short as possible without causing harm to neighbouring strands.
  • Maintain colour uniformity by using a fabric pen with the same dye as the rug edge. The colour may be restored by repeatedly pushing the pen point on the ragged edge.
  • Reduce the possibility of glue spray causing fibre damage. Cover the sections next to the mended edge of the rug with painter’s tape.
  • Holding the fabric glue spraying can upright, softly spray a layer of glue over the mended edge. The fabric’s glue will adhere to the rug strands together and keep them from fraying. After spraying, peel off the painter’s tape. After the adhesive has dried, the rug can be walked on again.

How Professionals Repair a Rug with Damaged Edges? 

The rug repair specialist begins by cutting the frayed edge to place the new side binding. The torn and loose side binding puts the entire rug at risk of unravelling as the deterioration spreads to the rug’s foundation.

Although the consequences of disregarding side binding repair are severe, the repair technique is rapid. The rug repair Canberra professionals eliminate the frayed edges to create new and secure ones. Then they hand-sew new side bindings with fabric and colours that are matched. There you have it: the carpeting is now both beautiful and safe.

How to Prevent Such Damages in Future? 

The first step is – don’t let the ends twist or distort. That can be a significant problem, so make sure they’re set flat and don’t put heavy furniture on top of them. Additionally, consider having your Oriental Rugs cleaned by a professional regularly. That will go a long way toward maintaining your prized carpeting in pristine shape.

You now have enough knowledge to make an informed decision about what to anticipate from a professional rug repair Canberra service. However, it is critical to avoid problems from occurring, and you should inspect your precious carpets regularly for any concerns.

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