How to Repair Oriental Rug Binding?

Over time, your oriental rug may undergo damage issues. However, you don’t have to replace your valuable flooring just because of that. Floorings experience wear and tear from heavy traffic, and that results in damaged binding. With rug repair techniques, you can restore your flooring’s original state. Wondering how? Read further to reveal the tricks! 

First of all, What’s Rug Binding? 

The binding tape has been sewed over and around the edges of machine-made rugs, as well as the long borders that run through the middle of the carpeting and the ends where some rugs may have fringe. Modern rugs have incredibly robust bindings since they are constructed on cotton bases and are not manually knotted or woven.

The edges of oriental and handmade carpets are hand-bound thick threads running in over-around stitching. That prevents the rug’s edges from becoming too worn or frayed.

However, because of the traffic and substances that a rug is subjected to over time, you may discover that you need to repair rug binding in all sorts of floorings. If you do not do such a repair, you endanger the rug’s long-term stability as well as the worth of valuable oriental or handcrafted carpeting.

So, the question arises – how to repair binding? For this, you can connect with professional rug repair services or try doing it yourself. However, in these two options, the first one is the most secured and guaranteed way to safeguard your flooring from further damages. 

How Experts Repair a Rug Binding 

First and foremost, let us not forget that handcrafted rugs that need restoration should be placed in the hands of a skilled specialist. That’s because they will have the necessary equipment, skills, and supplies to repair rug binding without inducing more damage to the rug. They may also assist you in preserving the overall worth of the carpeting by employing procedures and products that do not cause any concerns with the rug’s construction or appearance.

Steps followed by Rug Repair Experts: 

1. They remove the frayed area or re-weave the fraying. 

2. Then, the binding near the damaged rug area is repaired by experts. With this, they stop further damages. 

3. The third step in professional rug binding is to use advanced tools. Experts either use biding tape or machine stitching for modern rugs. For oriental rugs, they use the hand sewing technique. That guarantees the repair and prevents further damages. Also, their experts match the material and colour of the original rug.

So, connect with the best rug repairing experts now and keep your flooring looking like a new one. With regular cleaning, maintenance and repair, you can use flooring for decades. Some rugs have a lifespan of hundreds of years. But, for this, you have to take care of even minor damages on time. So, don’t ignore these damages and ask professionals for rug repair services whenever needed. These experts are experienced and skilled to repair all types of rugs! 

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