How to Restore the Beauty of Your Damaged Persian Rug?

Have you tried DIY cleaning techniques at home and damaged your authentic Persian rug? If yes, then this post is for you. First of all, you are not alone. Many rug owners follow do-it-yourself tricks to clean their delicate flooring and end up with some damage. In this post, we are going to discuss what you can do to restore the damage and how to avoid a similar situation in future. So, read further to know more about Persian rug care. 

1. Stay Away from DIYs

Persian rug cleaning experts do not advocate washing rugs with water and cleaner at home. Washing rugs is a more complex technique that necessitates a certain amount of time for the flooring to be wet, precise drying procedures, and the use of natural cleansers formulated for natural rug fibres. 

Many beautiful carpetings acquire musty scents or a damp wool smell after being washed at home if they are not dried. Even after the flooring has dried at home, the stench might linger. That may also cause moth infestation, germs and viruses. These half-wet rugs then become an entry gate to pests of all kinds.

Cotton wefts and warps are common in Persian rugs. On the flooring, the warp goes from end to end (the fringe of a hand-knotted flooring is created at the edge of the warp). The warp is where the craftspeople tie the knots that form the rug’s pile.

2. Persian Rugs Should Be Handwashed 

Persian rugs are delicate, and machines may ruin their threads and fabric. Their natural colours, weaving and material are soft too. So, if you have rented the machine for cleaning a Persian rug, it may do more harm than good. You won’t be getting anything but damage with cleaning machines. 

3. Hire Professionals for Restoration and Further Cleaning 

Persian rug care experts are well-trained and experienced in handwashing treatment. They know how to treat your flooring without any damage or other complications. Here are the key points why you should hire a professional instead of cleaning your Persian carpeting by yourself: 

  • Experts are certified for a particular job
  • They offer 100% guaranteed results 
  • With professionals, you won’t have to worry about cleaning tools and chemicals
  • Persian rug cleaning specialists are skilled in handwash treatment 
  • They offer timely services at a reasonable price
  • With their services, you may get a clean rug within a single day
  • Cleaning specialists remove germs, bacteria, dirt, filth and tough stains from floorings
  • These services come in handy in emergencies like flood or water damage

So, even if you have damaged Persian rug, call professionals, and they restore the original condition of the flooring. Persian rugs are expensive and can be seen as an investment. 

Protect your investment with care and regular maintenance along with a yearly professional cleaning service. Contact the best rug cleaners and explain your situation too. For this, all you have to do is, find a reliable rug cleaning firm.

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