Kerrion Franklin Arrested – What Said Hood Evangelist About The Incident?

Kerrion Franklin was arrested recently in California for driving with a broken taillight. However, when police searched his car during their search, they discovered something else that could lead to his detainment.

Beverly Hills Police stopped Kerrion Franklin for driving a vehicle with a broken taillight. After searching for his car and discovering a pistol, they arrested him. After discovering illegal weapons, officials became suspicious of Franklin. And it was later found that the vehicle he was driving did not belong to him. Franklin stated that he did not know the weapon (the pistol). He also said that he didn’t know where his car belonged, which could indicate innocence or guilt depending on the situation.

Hood Evangelist is a famous YouTube blogger with more than 2 million subscribers. He takes viewers on an in-depth journey through the Bible, explaining its meaning and its relation to our modern-day world.

Hood’s story captures the heart of many people looking for hope in their lives or who want someone they can trust as a spiritual guide.

On her YouTube channel “Hood Evangelist,” she published a video about Kirk Franklin’s son accused of murder & arrested. Watch what she said in her video:

After further interrogation, police suspected Kerrion Franklin’s son of being involved in the murder of a missing female. This started when authorities discovered that the vehicle Franklin got arrested belonged to the missing female. With this information, it was easy for police to charge him with three felonies-the murder of a woman, possession of a weapon during an aggravated felony, and driving without insurance.

As of now, there is no information about Kerrion’s arrest or mugshots. It is unknown if he has been arrested and what charges he may have faced. His parents have consistently denied the allegations against them and stated that they had always supported him.

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