NCR Days Web Series

The NCR Days web series focuses on the life of a middle-class family and a small-town boy in the big city. The show follows a young man from a small town who enrolls in an MBA program in the big city. The series tracks his life and changes as he progresses through the MBA program. The web series also explores the social dynamics between MBA students. It reveals how small-town kids are affected by the big city.

This Hindi-language web series is being aired on YouTube’s The Timeliners channel. It has received enormous popularity, receiving 9.5 stars on IMDb. The lead actors in the web series are Nikhil Vijay, Ambrish Verma, Heer Kaur, Ankit Bhardwaj, Manan Madiya, and Rajat Dahiya. The web series is directed by Ambrish Verma, who has written and produced the series.

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