Online Birthday Gifts for Kids

Birthday is a special day for everyone, especially kids. Kids love celebration and love to celebrate their special day. The reasons behind their excitement are clear. That’s because, on their special day, they would receive and surround by everything they like. Gifts, cakes, friends, you name it. However, it has become a tradition to send gifts to a birthday person. And usually, these gifts are well-thought presents that are chosen carefully according to their preference. However, shopping in department stores or malls is not a very recommended activity at this time being. But don’t worry, because you can still find those stuff online. Fun fact, it is even easier to find them online since all you need is just a simple keyword. And here is the list of birthday gifts for kids that you can easily get online.

  1. Plush Toys

It is normal for kids to be attached to plush toys, stuffed animals, or just dolls in general. Children tend to be very dear to their plush toys, especially plush toys of their favorite fictional characters. Therefore it is very suitable for giving plush toys as their birthday gifts.

  1. Personalized Pillows

The next gift you should consider is pillows. To make the gift feels more personalized, you can give them custom-made pillows. Pillows are essential for children as they usually bring their pillows along during travel. It adds comfort for them.

  1. Pajamas

Children love to sleep in pajamas with a cute pattern or printed with their favorite character. You could also give a pair of socks that match the pajamas because children often wear socks to sleep when it’s cold.

  1. Toys

Every kid must have their “wishlist” of toys. It would be lovely to give them the toys they’ve been wanting to have for so long. Whether it’s a lego set or barbie dolls, these toys would paint a smile on their faces on their birthday.

  1. Sweets

Besides toys, it is also obvious that kids love sweets. You can order cakes or tarts from an online bakery service as a gift for the birthday kid. It would be even more special if the cake is decorated with characters made from both chocolate and fondants, and of course, don’t forget the candles.

  1. Art Supplies

Children tend to express their creativity on paper with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Therefore a set of art supplies would be an exciting gift.

  1. A Birthday Hamper

Hampers are parcels consisting of various things. Sending hampers for birthdays has been a trend for the past few years. There are many services online that allow you to choose the inclusions of the hampers from a few options of gifts. You can also add notes and greeting cards to the hampers’ inclusion. There are various options of hampers you can choose from, take a look at the birthday gift delivery singapore site and their various offers.

Ways to Celebrate an Online Birthday Party for Kids

You can’t miss celebrating the most special day of the year for kids, their birthday. However, due to the social distancing and health policies that have been applied for nearly two years, hosting a party is not recommended because the activity could put everyone at risk of being sick. Therefore many events and activities, including birthday parties, are held virtually. You probably would assume virtual events couldn’t be as fun as usual. However, by following some tips, it is possible to make your virtual birthday party fun and memorable.

  1. Choose the Best App that Fits Your Condition

There are many options for you to choose from, and each app has its advantage or special features that might advance your kids’ virtual birthday party. Some allow you to host a video-call conference with a large audience. Meanwhile, some might have better video and audio quality. Therefore, it is needed to choose which video-call application fits both your condition and plan for the party.

  1. Set a Theme

Another crucial tip for you to follow is to choose a theme for your kids’ birthday party. The benefit of setting a theme for birthday parties is that the whole event would be more memorable and fun for your kids and their guests. Usually, the themes that are often chosen for these kinds of parties are their favorite movies, fictional characters, or even favorite sports.

  1. Decorate

Putting on decoration is not limited only to offline events, but you can also have fun and go extra with decoration for your virtual event. If you have chosen the theme, the next step is to find decorations that match the whole event. For example, if your kid loves princesses, you can decorate their filming area with flowers and ribbons that match the princess’ aesthetic, such as roses and hydrangea. If your kid loves superheroes, you can decorate their filming area with toys or cardboard figures of their favorite superheroes. You can also make a virtual background that matches your decoration for the guests.

  1. Sent Out Hampers and Invitation

You can send invitation cards and hampers for your guest. You can send them cookies, snacks, souvenirs, basically everything that a guest would get when they attend a normal birthday party, like a parcel. You can also decorate the parcels or hampers that suit the theme of the party.

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