Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Cannabis Business And What Hood Evangelist Said

After the interview aired, a lot of people were looking for more information on the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Jamal Bryant. On CNN, Bryant discussed how he believes that if the Black community knew more about the church, they would join him. His suggestion to Black men who smoke “weed” was to come to his church, where he would talk to them about their addiction to marijuana. Bryant said that he would do it for free and that he would not even accept a donation. Now, with the dust settling on his interview, Pastor Jamal Bryant’s thoughts on how to get Black men who smoke “weed” interested in his church are going viral. But, how will these Black men react? Let’s have a short intro of Hood Evangelist and then what she said about pastor jamal selling weed.


With over 2 million subscribers, Hood Evangelist is a well-known YouTuber. He takes the audience on a thorough investigation of the Bible, including its meaning and how it relates to the modern world. Every Sunday morning since he was a young child, his father has taken him with him to church. Making his brief ministry in the rear of their church was all he did growing up. He discovered that many people at college were unfamiliar with the Bible and its principles.

Hood Evangelist started posting free video sermons on YouTube to reach the lost. He got so well-known because he spoke to viewers on their terms and made his videos simple to grasp. He is now acknowledged as one of the most powerful pastors on the internet.

Hood Evangelist uploaded a video about this entitled “Hood Speaks On Jamal Bryant, Single Ladies!! And Church Culture Holy Spirit” Watch it to know what she said:

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Pastor Jamal Bryant’s cannabis business. We quickly noticed following this interview that Pastor Jamal Bryant’s idea was gaining a lot of attention. In the post, we detail how this idea could benefit the church and how it could potentially provide many great opportunities for the church. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions about this idea. As always, thank you for reading!

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