Persian Rug Care Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

The hand-knotted Persian rugs give an authentic look to the floors. With the elegant colours, delicate fibres and unique designs, these floorings have won the hearts of many property owners and interior designers over the years. Yet, Persian rug cleaning is a tricky part.

After choosing the best and most beautiful flooring for your decore, keeping them clean is a critical task. But you can do it with some simple hacks. Here there are:

  1. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

Do you know how much your Persian rug suffers from constant dust, pet fur, and foot traffic every day? According to research, one square foot of flooring can contain one pound of invisible dirt. The Persian fibres can trap allergens, dust, dead skin cells, soil and pet dander if not vacuumed every week. These pollutants then make the flooring look dull and dusty. So, invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners are great for maintaining the cleanliness of your delicate rug. Upholstery attachment or suction heads can offer a thorough cleaning. So, fix a cleaning routine and never let your rug’s pile get heavy with dust and dirt. But, you have to be careful and avoid beater bars while vacuuming. 

2. Purchase a Quality Rug Pad

When it comes to keeping your Persian rug in good condition, a rug pad is a small investment. Rug pads prevent slipping on your flooring. That’s especially important in highly populated areas where rugs are prone to shifting.

If you only have a decorative rug, you may not need to use a rug pad, but it is always a good idea. However, if you have one that gets a lot of foot traffic, this keeps the rug from shifting around and helps to prevent wear and tear.

3. Allow the Fibers to Rest

Turn your flooring over now and then to give the fibre side a rest if it is in a high-traffic area. The under knotting is beautiful in and of itself, and it clearly shows the pattern – the more dense the fibres, the tighter the weave. It also reveals whether the rug was hand-woven or machine-made. Hand-knotting has flaws, whereas machine weaving does not.

4. Hire Persian Rug Cleaning Specialists for Thorough Cleaning

No matter how you care for your flooring, a professional touch is a must to prolong its lifespan. So, hire the best cleaners to look after your precious rug. Know their expertise and if they are pros at delicate handwashing fibres, consult them to wash the Persian flooring. Finding top-class and reliable cleaners can be tricky but not impossible. There are still professionals that offer value and do their work with honesty. All you have to do is, find them!

Use these hacks to keep your delicate floorings clean, and with the utmost care, you can pass them down to the next generation. After all, rugs are great investments, and everyone wants to preserve them for decades to come. So, use these simple Persian rug care hacks and connect with experts for yearly cleaning treatment.

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