The benefits and features of the EDM filter

EDM filter is one of the core components of EDM power. It is widely used in EDM, EDM drilling, wire cutting, etc. It is responsible for filtering the noise in the power supply and stabilizing the output voltage to ensure that it works properly.

The main function of the shf-25e filter is to eliminate electromagnetic interference and protect the normal operation of electrical equipment. The filter can effectively reduce common-mode interference and differential mode interference between power supply and load, improve system anti-interference ability, control common-mode impedance within a certain range, reduce harmonic current content in the power grid or eliminate it completely, effectively suppress high-frequency parasitic oscillation generated by rectifier or inverter circuit and improve the reliability of power system.

The SHF-25E series of high-performance filters can provide a robust solution for removing oil mist, smoke, and fume in your EDM applications. The pleated filtering medium provides exceptionally high surface area and dust holding capacity per square inch of the filter housing

Some of the advantages of the EDM filter include:

EDM filter can be used on any metal. There is no need to worry about tool wear or breakage, which is particularly important when machining exotic alloys like Inconel 718 (a high-strength nickel alloy).

  • There are no mechanical forces imposed on the workpiece during EDM, so it can be used to machine delicate or thin parts without distorting them.
  •  EDM filter can be used on hardened materials up to 65 HRC without having to heat treat the part after machining. This is very useful in the medical industry, where devices must be sterilized after processing.
  • EDM filter can produce finishes down to 16 micro inches Ra with a mirror-like finish.

These benefits make EDM filter a valuable addition to your shop’s machining capabilities. But there are some drawbacks that should be considered before investing in this technology:

The following are the things you need to know about shf-25e EDM Filter:

The shf-25e EDM Filter is designed for EDM (Electronic Discharge Machining) applications. This filter maintains a stable dielectric fluid level in the tank and changes out the fluid for new fluid when the old fluid reaches a predetermined resistivity. The shf-25e EDM Filter can be controlled by an external signal from the control system or operated manually. The shf-25e EDM Filter is suitable for various types of pulse power generators and spark discharges, including small hole drilling machines, wire cutters, and sinkers.

S­hf-25e EDM Filter Features:

1. Cleanliness as low as 0.01 microns achieved with unique filtration and backflushing methods.

2. Low noise levels due to quiet pump operation and noise reduction measures on the main unit cabinet.

3. Highly reliable control system prevents circuit failure during operations such as backflush, temperature control, etc., ensuring stable machine operations and high productivity.

4. Easy operation with large LCD touch panel display.

The EDM filter removes impurities from the dielectric fluid that can impede the performance of an EDM. The flow rate depends on the size of the machine and the condition of the fluid.

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