The Ultimate Guide for Persian Rug Care  

A Persian rug brings the room together with its vibrant colours and authentic design. But what if you spend thousands of bucks on flooring, and it turns out to be grubby? Your rug can enhance your room and offer comfort to your floor and toes only if it is clean. So, how can you do that? Read on to learn everything about Persian rug care and cleaning!  

How Often to Clean a Persian Rug?  

Hand-knotted rugs are delicate and can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt particles. It is vital to know their cleaning frequency. Too much cleaning may damage the fibres and cause wear. On the other hand, low frequency of cleaning may keep your rug dirty and ruin its quality over time. So, a middle ground is necessary. Here are some points to decide on the cleaning frequency for your precious flooring:  

  • The Location of Your Rug  

If your rug experiences a lot of foot traffic, you should vacuum it twice a week. If you own an office with thousands of people coming and going out of your workplace every day, the vacuuming frequently can be more. On the other hand, if you have placed flooring in a dark or private room, vacuuming once a week or month is fine.  

  • Kids and Pets  

If you have kids or pets, you have to be more careful and schedule Persian rug cleaning services twice a year. Choose experts that use eco-friendly products that won’t be harmful to your furry friends or babies.  

  • Type of Rug  

Even Persian rugs have various varieties in designs, weaving patterns, fabrics and more. Each different flooring needs a different cleaning frequency. So, let the experts examine your rug’s type and then decide the frequency.  

Do consider these factors, determine the cleaning frequency and stick to it. 

Persian Rug Care Tips by Experts  

To keep your rugs always clean, you have to be alert and follow a few tips by specialists. Have a look at some of the most effective hacks to keep your rug clean:  

1. Vacuum the rug depending on its placement and type.  

2. Shake it out to remove loosely attached dust particles.  

3. Sweep the flooring to wipe the dirt off.  

4. Use a rug pad to protect the flooring from sliding and dirt accumulation.  

5. Take immediate action for stains and spills.  

6. Use a doormat to limit the entry of germs and dust from outside.  

7. Apply a no-shoes policy or avoid using shoes on the floorings.  

8. Rotate the rug to reduce uneven damage, colour fading and wear.  

9. Keep baking soda and vinegar handy for quick cleaning hacks.  

10. Book Persian rug cleaning services once or twice a year for thorough cleaning.  

No matter how careful you are, spills may happen, or your pet may screw the fibres of your delicate rug. But, that does not mean the whole purpose of your flooring stops there. You can still clean it with the help of professionals and keep it shiny always.

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