Top Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Persian Rugs?

Owning Persian rugs is surely a sign of luxury and grandeur. But it also has some challenges. However, if your rug is maintained properly, then these rugs can last for many generations and can be used for many years. So, here are the top 5 tips for maintaining your Persian rugs-

  1. Prevent moisture built-up in your Persian rug- 

Persian rugs have natural fabrics and also are vulnerable to moisture build-up. Although we recommend keeping your Persian rug in a ventilated area, still it can be exposed to the risks of mould and mildew. So, you can consider hiring a professional Persian rug cleaning Sydney at least twice every year to make sure that your rug is mould-free. 

2. Keep moving your Persian rugs-

Persian rugs can also get spoiled consistently due to regular wear and tear if they are kept in places with heavy foot traffic.  Also, they can become faded and discoloured because of heavy usage and contact with sunlight. So, keep moving the Persian rug after regular intervals to keep it safe from constant wear and tear. 

3. Clean and vacuum your Persian rugs regularly-

Dirt and debris get accumulated in your Persian rug and make it vulnerable to pest infestation. So, we suggest you clean the rugs regularly with a high-power vacuum cleaner.  Also, you can hire experts for Persian rug cleaning Sydney

4. Avoid placing your Persian rugs in harmful sunlight-

Persian are made from fabrics such as silk, cotton, and wool. These fabrics might become fade and be discoloured after getting exposed to sunlight.  So, you need to place the Persian rug away from sunlight in order to keep it intact and bright. 

5. Clean up immediately-

Your Persian rug can get stained due to spilling of wine, coffee, blood, urine or any other liquid substance.  Usually, any liquid needs to be cleaned immediately through blotting with a paper towel or white cloth.   However, you also need to avoid scrubbing your Persian rug in order to deduct the risk of staining. 

Alternatively, you can appoint a professional and reliable Persian rug cleaning Sydney and let them help you in maintaining the expensive Persian rug. Hiring experts for Persian rug cleaning is always an ideal solution as it might give you a stress-free experience and will help you to keep your Persian rug in a good state for many years.  Our team at Spark Rug Cleaning Sydney is well-known for providing the best Persian rug cleaning services Sydney and for helping you in making your Persian rugs spotlessly clean and pristine. 

So, connect with us for Persian rug cleaning, and schedule your appointment right away. You can also connect with us for rug cleaning Bolton Point, rug cleaning Pelton, rug cleaning Wickham and rug cleaning Clemton Park. 

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