What Do You Call a Group of Apes? Discover the Astonishing Answer!

A group of apes is called a shrewdness, which is an appropriate name for their intelligent and cunning nature. Collective names for animals can be fascinating and diverse, with apes being referred to as a shrewdness.

While other animals have different names for their groups, such as a herd of cows or a pack of wolves, apes are uniquely called a shrewdness. This term accurately captures the essence of their collective behavior, highlighting their intelligence and ability to work together strategically.

It is interesting to explore the various collective names for animals, as they provide insights into their characteristics and behaviors in the wild.

The Fascinating World Of Animal Group Names

Animal group names can be quite fascinating, providing unique insights into the animal kingdom. For instance, when it comes to apes, they are known as a shrewdness. Other interesting examples include a cete for badgers, a colony or a camp for bats, and a sloth or a sleuth for bears. Bees, on the other hand, are referred to as a swarm.

This rich variety of collective names adds to the wonder and diversity of the animal world. While a group of apes is appropriately named a shrewdness, other primates outside the ape family are known as a troop. Orangutans, however, are known for their solitary nature, so there is no official name for a large group of them. In informal settings, a gathering of orangutans is often called a congress or a buffoonery.

Unveiling The Collective Name For Apes

Unveiling the collective name for apes, a common collective noun for apes is “troop”. However, an alternative name for a group of apes is “shrewdness”. The name “shrewdness” is quite fitting as it signifies the intelligence and cleverness exhibited by apes. This unique collective noun highlights the understanding of apes as highly intelligent creatures with advanced cognitive abilities. The use of the term “shrewdness” adds a touch of intrigue and fascination to the concept of grouping apes together. It invites curiosity and encourages further exploration of their social dynamics and behavior. Whether referred to as a “troop” or a “shrewdness”, these collective nouns create a sense of unity and community among these remarkable animals.

Exploring Other Animal Group Names

Animal Collective Noun
Apes Shrewdness
Badgers Cete
Bats Colony or camp
Bears Sloth or sleuth
Bees Swarm

When it comes to naming groups of animals, apes are referred to as a shrewdness. This unique collective noun distinguishes apes from other animal species. Just like badgers are known as a cete, bats as a colony or camp, bears as a sloth or sleuth, and bees as a swarm. Each animal species has its own distinct name for a group.

It’s fascinating to explore these collective names as they reveal the diversity and creativity in the English language when it comes to describing animal groups. While some names may seem unusual or even whimsical, they have evolved over time and are rooted in the rich heritage of language and culture.

The collective noun for apes, a shrewdness, reflects the intelligence and social dynamics of these remarkable creatures. It’s interesting to compare the collective names for apes with those of other animals, highlighting the unique and captivating aspects of each species.

What Do You Call a Group of Apes? Discover the Astonishing Answer!


Frequently Asked Questions On What Do You Call A Group Of Apes

What Do You Call A Collective Of Apes?

A group of apes is called a shrewdness.

What Is A Pack Of Apes?

A group of apes or chimpanzees is called a shrewdness. Other primates in a large group are known as a troop.

What Is A Large Group Of Orangutans Called?

A large group of orangutans is informally called a congress or a buffoonery.

What Do You Call A Group Of Apes Or Chimpanzees?

A group of apes or chimpanzees is called a shrewdness. Chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons are all types of apes.


In the fascinating world of collective animal names, a group of apes is called a shrewdness. Similar to the way a herd of cows or a pack of wolves are known, a shrewdness represents the gathering of these intelligent creatures.

These unique collective nouns reflect the diverse and wonderful nature of our vast animal kingdom. So, next time you come across a group of apes, remember to use the term shrewdness to impress your friends!


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