What do you need to know before cleaning rugs yourself?

It is important to know about the fiber material of your rug before you clean it. Knowing its fiber content will enable you to choose between two kinds of methods for cleaning which are dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning. You can ask your dealer or check the label on the underside of the rug, if it has one. When in doubt, always go with dry cleaning because even though it might destroy some colors, dry-cleaning preserves more fibers than wet-cleaning procedures do. The first step towards rug cleaners knowledge and using this information wisely will help you maintain your rug’s appearance for years to come.

Rug Size: The primary thing that affects which cleaning procedure is best 

            There are two kinds of rug cleaning techniques: dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning. Both options depend on the size of your rug. Generally speaking, larger rugs require wet-cleaning to retain their shape and because they cannot be hung or laid flat to clean them properly. On the other hand, small area rugs can be done through either process depending on whether there is a fiber label suggesting one over the other. In case you have a large rug but need to wash it in its place without moving it, here’s how you do that:

             Take a clean, large piece of canvas and spread it over the floor. Using wire cutters, cut several pieces of wire that fit into your rug’s weave. Using one or two strong people (depending on the size), lay the rug face down on the canvas. Make sure to put felt underneath both sides and between each and every warp which is enough to secure the shape of your rug. Secure your rug in place by fixing all wires with staples or nails common to carpentry work. You might also want to use masking tape for additional support on areas that are not firm enough for staples or nails.

Wet Cleaning: Cleaning solutions do more damage than actual cleaning           

 When it comes to cleaning your rug’s fibers, you need to decide whether you want to go with dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning. While dry-cleaning preserves more fibers, wet-cleaning offers a better chance of removing stains. This means that if you have an old rug that has never been cleaned before and contains many different kinds of stains, then the best thing for it would be wet cleaning. Your dealer can help you pick the right best rug cleaners which is generally available in two kinds: soap and alkaline based cleaners.

Reasons to consider: It depends on fiber content 

        If you do not know the kind of material your rug is made of, here are some guidelines to help you determine whether wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning would be the best choice.         

– Wool, Cotton & Synthetic Fiber: Clean with soapy water and brush gently in the direction of the fibers 

– Silk: Clean using a pH neutral soap under low pressure when needed

The difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning 

    Whether your rug needs to be dry-cleaned or wet-cleaned depends on its fiber content and size among other things including manufacture date. Here we’ll discuss how each method affects different kinds of rugs:

Dry Cleaning: If there’s a fiber label            

This method uses a combination of brush and suction to remove soil. It is the best way to preserve your rug’s colors and fibers. 

All you need to do is: 

1) Make sure your rug contains a label suggesting dry-cleaning and 

2) Pack it carefully in a wooden crate so as not to lose its shape

Wet Cleaning: If there’s no fiber label     

When done correctly, this method should only be used on silk because it should never be used on wool or cottons as wet cleaning can damage their color and the texture of the fabric. 

Here are some steps for proper use: 

1) Make sure there is nothing loose in the rug           

2) Remove all furniture from your rug using a tool that is not sharp 

3) Place the rug face down on another flat surface, secure it in place then use masking tape to mark boundaries for the clean area. 

4) Fill a spray bottle with warm water and mix it with detergent, use this solution to wet your rug thoroughly 

5) Let it soak for an hour or so before carefully ironing out any wrinkles 

6) Use paper towels to absorb excess water 

7) Hang the rug up to dry

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