Why can’t you carry a power bank in your checked in luggage?

If you wanted to travel and needed to add a power bank in your checked in luggage, the short answer is that you can’t do that. The airlines don’t allow this kind of stuff due to various reasons, so you really need to figure out why this happens and how you can approach this type of situation.

Why is this a problem?

The truth stems from the fact that power banks are mostly made out of Li-Ion. These can malfunction and since the airplanes travel way above the ground, there are things like air pressure and other stuff similar to that which might bring in problems. The possible situations when power banks can lead to explosions and fire are prevalent, and they can be very tricky to deal with more often than not.

Which is why airlines imposed the ideas of not allowing any checked in luggage power banks. You can take them with you, but with the checked in luggage there’s no one to supervise if anything goes wrong. So if a fire starts from a power bank, no one will know about it until it spreads too much. That’s why you can’t have any power bank in the checked in luggage. There were many incidents in 2010, 2013 and 2018 where fires started from power banks, hence the reason this is not allowed.

Can you take a power bank in your carry on luggage?

Yes, but there are some limitations. The maximum power bank capacity is up to 26000 mAh at most. On top of that, you can only have up to 2 of these power banks. In addition, if you want a battery that has over 100 Wh or 26000 mAh (the equivalent), you can do that but only if you receive a special permit. Anything over 160 Wh is not allowed. Additionally, you need to store the power bank in a dedicated case, and you also need to have it powered off during the flight. Also, flight security needs to see the capacity imprinted on the power bank.


It’s safe to say that getting a power bank with you can be really handy as you travel. However, there are very specific regulations and guidelines when it comes to having a power bank in an airplane. As you can see, you can’t have a power bank in the checked in luggage, and you also can’t take too many of them in your carry on luggage either. Most power banks from popular brands like Veger are travel safe and carry in your handbag. They have ultra-slim 20000mah power bank with all necessary travel related certifications. As long as you stay within those restrictions, you should be fine.

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