Cross Insurance Center Bangor Events: Unmissable Highlights!

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine, hosts a variety of events, from concerts to conventions. Upcoming events are regularly updated on their official website.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Bangor, the Cross Insurance Center stands as a premier destination for entertainment and events in the region. This versatile venue boasts a state-of-the-art arena and convention center, attracting a diverse range of performances and gatherings throughout the year.

From high-energy concerts featuring top artists and bands to informative conferences and expositions, the Cross Insurance Center caters to a wide array of interests. Alongside entertainment, it also offers an ideal setting for trade shows and corporate events with its expansive exhibition hall and meeting spaces. The center’s calendar is packed with activities, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can find an event that resonates with their cultural or professional preferences. Keep an eye on their schedule to catch the latest happenings in Bangor’s bustling event hotspot.

Upcoming Spectacles

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is poised to host a diversity of enthralling events that cater to a wide array of interests. Fans of live performances will be captivated by the Featured Performances, which include highly-anticipated concerts by renowned artists, spellbinding theatrical productions, and laughter-filled comedy nights. Each show promises a memorable night out, brimming with energetic crowds and top-tier entertainment.

Marquee Sporting Events are also on the roster, where sports aficionados will witness intense competitions and awe-inspiring athleticism. These events showcase both local talent and professional athletes, delivering a potent mix of passion and excitement that only live sports can offer.

The center’s versatility shines with its ability to accommodate various Conventions and Expos. These gatherings are hubs of innovation and networking, where industry professionals convene to share knowledge, unveil new products, and build connections within their fields. Whether you’re attending to learn, exhibit, or meet like-minded peers, these events are key opportunities for professional growth and discovery.

Family-friendly Festivities

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is renowned for its delightful array of family-friendly events. Visitors of all ages can anticipate a lineup of kid-centric shows designed to entertain while sparking young imaginations. From magical circus performances with astonishing feats to interactive puppet theater, these events promise to deliver unforgettable experiences for the little ones.

Emphasizing learning through play, the center also hosts a variety of educational experiences. These include STEM workshops where children can engage in hands-on activities to discover the wonders of science and technology. Additionally, young minds can explore the arts through age-appropriate live performances that often integrate audience participation, ensuring that each child’s experience is not only educational but also highly personalized and interactive.

Cultural Extravaganzas

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is a beacon for cultural entertainment, drawing audiences with an array of musical performances that span across diverse genres. Enthusiasts of every musical taste find solace here, as the stage hosts everything from rock legends and country stars to pop icons and classical maestros. The concert schedule is a testament to the center’s commitment to celebrating musical diversity and offering unforgettable experiences.

Equally compelling are the theatrical productions that grace the halls of the Cross Insurance Center. Fans of the arts are treated to a broad spectrum of dramatic narratives, including time-honored classics, compelling contemporary plays, and elaborate musical spectacles. The theatrical realm at the center promises to engage and captivate with its high-quality performances and stunning set designs.

Cross Insurance Center Bangor Events: Unmissable Highlights!


Seasonal Specials

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor is bustling with activity year-round, but the center truly comes to life during the seasonal specials. Offering a diverse lineup of events, attendees can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of the holiday-themed happenings. Be sure to experience the magic with events such as the enchanting Winter Wonderland Gala, the jolly Christmas Market Extravaganza, and the much-anticipated New Year’s Eve Countdown Celebration.

Summer Series Highlights include an array of concerts, outdoor festivals, and family-friendly activities that capture the essence of summer in Maine. Music enthusiasts can look forward to live performances by top artists, while those seeking a more laid-back experience can enjoy outdoor movie nights under the starry sky. With something for everyone, the Cross Insurance Center ensures your summer is filled with unforgettable memories.

Networking And Community Events

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor serves as a vibrant hub for various networking and community events that bolster local connections and contribute to charitable causes. Among the many activities hosted, Local Business Gatherings stand out as prime opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals to engage, share insights, and foster economic growth within the region.

  • Quarterly Networking Mixers – A space where industry leaders and startups can form strategic partnerships.
  • Annual Trade Shows – Showcasing the latest innovations and services from local companies.

Parallel to the corporate scene, Social and Charity Galas play a significant role in supporting non-profits and philanthropic initiatives, making them some of the most anticipated events at the center.

Event Date Cause
Winter Charity Ball December 5 Hunger Relief
Spring Fling Gala April 22 Environmental Conservation

Frequently Asked Questions Of Cross Insurance Center Bangor Events

Is Wwe Coming To Bangor Maine 2023?

As of my last update, WWE has not announced an event in Bangor, Maine for 2023. Please check the official WWE website for the latest updates on tour dates and locations.

How Many Seats Are In The Cross Insurance Arena Bangor?

The Cross Insurance Arena in Bangor has a seating capacity of 8,500 for concerts and 5,800 for sporting events.

What Events Are At Cross Insurance Center?

The Cross Insurance Center hosts a variety of events including concerts, expos, conferences, and sporting events. The schedule is regularly updated on their official website.

How To Buy Tickets For Bangor Cross Insurance Events?

Tickets for events at the Cross Insurance Center can be purchased online through their official website, via phone, or at the box office.


As the heart of Bangor’s cultural life, the Cross Insurance Center consistently shines with its diverse lineup of events. Whether you crave sports, concerts, or trade shows, this venue promises memorable experiences. Bookmark your calendar and join the vibrant gatherings that celebrate community and entertainment at every turn.

Don’t miss out on Bangor’s premier event hotspot!


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