Cross Insurance Center Events: Unveil Top Shows & Expos!

The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine, hosts diverse events ranging from concerts to conventions. Upcoming events can be found on their official website calendar.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Bangor, the Cross Insurance Center stands as a premier venue for entertainment and business gatherings alike. Its state-of-the-art facility accommodates sports events, prestigious conferences, and high-energy music concerts, attracting both locals and visitors from across the region.

With a seating capacity that can adjust to the size of the event, the venue ensures an ideal setting for any occasion. Offering ample parking, diverse concession options, and modern amenities, the Cross Insurance Center provides guests with a memorable and comfortable experience. As the gem of Bangor’s event scene, it’s the go-to destination for anyone looking to catch a thrilling live performance or participate in a large-scale corporate event.

Signature Shows Not To Miss

Acclaimed Music Concerts at the Cross Insurance Center have a reputation for being epic auditory experiences. With a lineup featuring world-renowned artists and genre-spanning acts, every music enthusiast is sure to find a performance that resonates. High-quality acoustics and an intimate ambiance ensure an unforgettable musical journey.

Family-Friendly Performances are a cornerstone of the Cross Insurance Center’s event roster, offering a variety of shows that cater to all ages. Engaging theatrical productions, educational exhibits, and interactive spectacles provide joy and entertainment while fostering family bonds.

Holiday and Seasonal Specials bring the festive spirit to life with thematic events that celebrate the essence of each season. Be it a spine-tingling Halloween show or a heartwarming Christmas concert, these events are designed to create lasting memories wrapped in the spirit of the times.

Cross Insurance Center Events: Unveil Top Shows & Expos!


Leading Expos At The Cross Insurance Center

The Cross Insurance Center is renowned for its diverse array of events that cater to various interests, bringing together industry leaders, enthusiasts, and local communities. Among the most anticipated events are the Home and Garden Exhibitions, which transform the venue into a hub for home improvement ideas, gardening tips, and latest trends in home design.

Bridal and Fashion Expos offer a dazzling array of wedding attire and accessories, providing inspiration to couples planning their big day. These expos showcase the latest bridal collections from top designers and provide a platform for local boutiques to connect with future brides and grooms.

For tech enthusiasts and professionals, the Tech Innovations and Trade Shows stand out as a pivotal gathering to explore cutting-edge technology, new products, and services. Participants have the opportunity to network, share knowledge, and discover innovative solutions taking shape in the tech industry.

Cultural Events That Define Bangor

The Cross Insurance Center serves as a vibrant hub for cultural events in Bangor, with its array of regional arts and crafts fairs. The Center’s versatile space plays host to a myriad of local artisans and craftsmen, showcasing their unique creations that represent the rich tapestry of the region’s culture. Visitors can expect to find a wide selection of handmade goods, ranging from traditional textiles to modern art pieces, all under one roof.

Equally tantalizing are the food festivals that celebrate Bangor’s culinary heritage. The Cross Insurance Center’s events feature an assortment of local flavors where attendees can savor the tastes of Maine. These festivals offer an immersive experience into the local cuisine, providing a platform for both established and emerging chefs to display their gastronomic skills.

The center also plays a crucial role in preserving Bangor’s history through historic celebrations and reenactments. These events transport visitors back in time, allowing them to relive significant periods in the area’s past. Authentic costumes, theatrical performances, and educational exhibits all contribute to the evocative atmosphere that honors Bangor’s rich historical narrative.

Planning Your Visit To Cross Insurance Center

Attending an event at the Cross Insurance Center requires a bit of planning, especially regarding parking and transportation. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to secure parking, which is plentiful around the venue. There are several lots and garages within walking distance, as well as public transportation options to ease your travel worries.

Those looking for accommodations have a variety of choices from hotels to bed and breakfasts, ensuring comfort and convenience during their stay. A quick online search or a visit to the local tourism office will reveal many nearby dining opportunities ranging from fast food to gourmet experiences, perfect for a meal before or after the event.

The Cross Insurance Center prides itself on offering accessible facilities and services, including wheelchair-accessible seating, assisted listening devices, and sign language interpretation (upon request). Guests requiring these services are advised to contact the center prior to the event for accommodations.

Enhance Your Experience With Vip Packages

Take your event experience to the next level with the VIP Packages at the Cross Insurance Center. The packages often include exclusive backstage tours, offering a sneak peek into the world of the stars behind the curtain. Fans can relish the opportunity for once-in-a-life meet-and-greets with their favorite performers, creating unforgettable memories.

Die-hard fans should consider the premium packages for the best seating options, ensuring an unparalleled view of the stage and events. Moreover, membership can come with a suite of perks, such as early access to tickets and invitations to private events. This level of access guarantees a deep connection with the events and a superior entertainment experience.

Also, take advantage of exclusive merchandise and offers, available only to VIP package holders. These items are often limited edition, enhancing their value and making them perfect keepsakes to remember the event by. VIP guests may receive special discounts and offers that aren’t available to regular ticket holders.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cross Insurance Center Events

What Events Are At Cross Insurance Center?

The Cross Insurance Center hosts a diverse range of events including concerts, sports competitions, conventions, and family shows. Check their official website or event calendar for the latest schedule.

How To Buy Tickets For Cross Center Events?

Tickets can be purchased online through the Cross Insurance Center website, via their authorized ticketing partners, or at the box office. Some events may sell out quickly, so it’s advisable to book in advance.

Is Parking Available At Cross Insurance Center?

Yes, the Cross Insurance Center offers ample parking. They have both free and premium parking options available. Spaces are generally allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, so arrive early.

Are There Food And Drinks At The Venue?

The venue has a variety of concession stands offering food and drinks. Selections may vary based on the event and dietary options can be found at certain stands.


Attending events at the Cross Insurance Center guarantees a memorable experience. From concerts to trade shows, this venue never disappoints. Mark your calendar for the next big event and join the excitement. Don’t miss out on the vibrant energy and community connection.

See you there!


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