Who Owns National General Insurance? Unveiling the Giant

National General Insurance is owned by Allstate Corporation. Allstate completed the acquisition in January 2021.

National General Insurance stands as a robust subsidiary within the insurance industry, backed by the power of Allstate Corporation, one of the nation’s leading insurers. This acquisition has allowed Allstate to expand its portfolio and reach, offering a wider array of insurance products, including auto, homeowners, and other personal insurance lines.

National General’s expertise in nonstandard auto insurance, along with their strong track record in leveraging independent agents, complements Allstate’s already diverse offerings. The merger creates a larger, more dynamic entity poised to deliver advanced insurance solutions and exceptional service to a broader customer base. With this strategic move, Allstate reinforces its position in the market, aiming to create value for policyholders and shareholders alike.

Origins And Legacy

National General Insurance, founded as the Integon Corporation in 1939, has experienced significant transformation throughout its history. The company navigated through various milestones, including its early establishment to provide insurance products tailored to wartime needs. After several decades of growth and service diversification, Integon rebranded as National General Insurance in the 1990s, signalling its expansion and modernization in the insurance industry.

The brand’s identity evolved as it incorporated advanced technologies and broadened its services. This evolution culminated in 2016 with its acquisition by Allstate, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, which further solidified National General’s place in the market.

Behind The Scenes: Stakeholders

National General Insurance, historically known as GMAC Insurance, has seen a shift in its ownership structure since its inception. Originally a part of the General Motors family, the firm branched out as an independent entity. Notable shifts were marked by key sales and acquisitions, profoundly shaping the company’s landscape.

Through the years, key management figures such as Michael Karfunkel, who once held a significant stake, played pivotal roles in steering the company’s direction. Their leadership decisions often aligned closely with market trends and regulatory changes, impacting the firm’s strategic moves.

Year Key Figure Position Influence
1990s-2000s Michael Karfunkel Major Stakeholder Strategic Expansion
2010s CEO (Varied) Chief Executive Officer Operational Decisions

The interplay between market forces, regulatory environments, and internal management decisions continually influences the company’s direction. As shareholders and leadership teams evolve, so does the company’s trajectory, ensuring National General Insurance remains a key player in the insurance industry.

The Acquisition Trail

National General Insurance, a staple in the insurance sector, experienced significant changes in its ownership structure. A notable event in the company’s history was the acquisition by Allstate Corporation in July 2020. This $4 billion deal was a strategic move that bolstered Allstate’s already vast portfolio, particularly in the personal lines insurance market, including auto and homeowners insurance.

The acquisition allowed Allstate to expand its market reach, providing the company with a competitive edge in the insurance industry. Of particular importance was National General’s strength in the sale of policies to customers who seek insurance through independent agents. This facet of the acquisition meant that Allstate could broaden its distribution channels, thereby enhancing its market presence and customer base.

Current Ownership Explained

National General Insurance is currently under the ownership of Allstate Corporation, which completed its acquisition in early 2021. This significant transition has led to a redistribution of shares with Allstate becoming the sole shareholder. As a result of this acquisition, National General has become a fully integrated subsidiary of Allstate, and its independent shareholder structure has been dissolved.

The parent company, Allstate Corporation, exerts considerable influence over National General’s strategic decisions and growth trajectory. The acquisition has allowed Allstate to expand its market reach and leverage National General’s strengths in non-standard auto insurance policies.

Among the noteworthy individuals on the board, key figures stand out for their strategic leadership and industry expertise. Their roles are critical in steering the subsidiary in line with the overarching goals of the parent company. These board members orchestrate corporate governance and provide guidance on matters of significant corporate importance.

Financial Transparency And Insurance Policies

National General Insurance financial health rests upon its revenue streams and profit margins, which are critical indicators of its economic stability. A significant portion of the company’s revenue is derived from its varied insurance products, including auto, health, and homeowners policies. These products not only fuel the company’s profitability but also represent a commitment to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Customer satisfaction is pivotal to sustaining profitability and is addressed through various service and satisfaction initiatives. Timely claims processing, accessible customer support, and innovative insurance solutions contribute to a positive customer experience, fostering trust and long-term loyalty, which in turn, enhances the company’s market share and profitability.

The diversity of insurance products ensures a broad market reach and risk management for the company. Ranging from personal to commercial lines, National General Insurance has developed a comprehensive portfolio to cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

Who Owns National General Insurance? Unveiling the Giant


Frequently Asked Questions On Who Owns National General Insurance

Who Bought Out National General Insurance?

National General Insurance was acquired by Allstate Corporation in January 2021. This merger expands Allstate’s auto insurance offerings.

Is National General Insurance Owned By Allstate?

Yes, National General Insurance is owned by Allstate. The acquisition was completed in early 2021.

Is National General Insurance Owned By Progressive?

No, National General Insurance is not owned by Progressive. It was acquired by Allstate Corporation in July 2020.

Is The General Insurance And National General The Same Company?

General Insurance and National General Insurance are not the same entity. National General is a separate company with its own insurance products and services.


Understanding the ownership of National General Insurance clarifies its market role. As part of Allstate, its commitment to customer service remains strong. This insight affords policyholders confidence in their insurance provider. Remember, staying informed empowers your insurance decisions. Choose wisely, and drive safely.


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